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As a naturalista for over eight years, founder Mich-love Pierre was always experimenting with different ingredients to stimulate hair growth, lock in moisture and simply attain healthier hair. Through many trials, errors, and building knowledge along the way. What began in the kitchen with a desperation for a safe and effective product soon became the beginning of something exceptional for the hair community. Expanding on Mich-love’s passion for empowering women in hair, she set out to create a plant-based product line with those with curls ,coils in mind. With so many fast-changing beauty trends and rushed processing to appease the crowd, it can feel impossible to know what truly works for your head of uniquely patterned spirals. Negés Banda launched in 2019 and has since provided clients with the best products to instill the confidence and positivity they deserve.

At Negés Banda, feed your hair with the best that nature has to offer. As a Caribbean woman, hair journeys can take you on a path that you never thought you needed to go through. The challenges of self-acceptance, love, and patience can have a woman feel defeated and want to take the easy way out. But learning about your hair opens a world of opportunity waiting to be embraced and appreciated in its natural state. With trusted science to back up our formulas, Negés Banda combines carefully selected ingredients to boost moisture retention and the overall health of textured coils. each of our Products combine the transformative power of benefit-rich ingredients known to deliver the best results!!!

Using only plant-based elements, we represent a health-first brand that prioritizes what goes into our bottles while also ensuring they give the maximum results you need. Let us help you create a hair routine rooted in success.


Our style is a reflection of our love for the African/ Carribean cultures , As our Kreyol Name is a reflection of Strength, resilience and courage to achieve anything as women and to break any barrier in life.

The natural richness of The Earth truly inspires us, and our African perspective of culture, spirit, and lifestyle and design because it is our heritage and who we truly are.


Negès Banda brings a new, concept to the marketplace. A fresh, new approach with a distinct carribean, African inspired.
Negès Banda not just deliver hair products but an overall greatness experience each time you will be using our products!
An overall addicted satisfaction.

Our products are handmade with just amazing ingredients and a bunch of Love!!!

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