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Our name Neges Banda have a deep and powerful meaning as a Haitian name. Neges was a popular name used during the colonial empire to name indigenous black people. With the name Negès Banda we honor all the beautiful melanin Queens who have strength and devotion to achieve any challenges and break any barriers in life!
We make unique recipes for hair and skin with simple great ingredients to boost moisture retention and stimulate hair growth!

I received my tracking number for my order but the carrier is saying the shipment cannot be found. What to do next?

If your package just recently shipped, please allow at least one business day for the carrier to update their site with all tracking information.

The tracking shows the package was delivered but I didn’t receive my package. What do I do?

Please provide us the order number and tracking number. We will file a claim with the carrier. The investigation process takes approximately eight business days.
After that investigation, we will be able to provide information on how to proceed.

Normal Shipping is within 5 – 9 days of receiving orders durning normal business hour not included weekend, but usually all orders should be shipped before this time frame

During large sales it can take 2-3 weeks to process orders due to the large volume of orders.

Our discounts are applied during promotions. Please follow us on our social media pages or sign up for our Newsletter for announcements on upcoming promotions.

Why is the consistency different from the product I just ordered to the one I already have?

We use natural and organic ingredients with no harmful chemicals. Due to the nature of the ingredients, the consistency and scent may differ.

Using Discount Codes: During sales our discount codes may be disabled. Once the sale is finished, codes will be reactivated.

Why the container of the products changed.
As a small bussiness it is really difficult for us to find the same jars and bottles since COVID-19 most of our suppliers are out of stock.
However we may change the size and shape of the bottles but the products remain the same.

For wholesale order please email at neges.banda@gmail.com

Majority of our products should be used within 6-9 months
Please store products in cool place away from direct sunlight.

We use essential oils and safe synthetic phthlate free fragrance oils.

Absolutely! Low porosity hair needs heat to open cuticles and allow product to penetrate hair follicles. Our products will easily absorb (especially conditioner) when a steamer or hooded dryer is used.

Yes! Our products work for all hair types and textures.

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